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Mrsreighin Staff Application

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In game name: Mrsreighin.

Position desired: Mod.

Age: 43.

Time Zone: Mountain Time zone.

Time Played: 1 Month.

Have you ever been punished in Doomscape: No.

Talk about your previous experience of being staff on servers: I played the The owner and admin role and was very good and everyone liked having me around as I always helped give items free even if there worth a lot helped with minor coding before I played the mod role on a very big server and everyone liked having me around I help at my best help with bug issues or stuff that would help benefit players the minor bugs and try at my best to be one 7+ hours a day I do my best at any role I am given and would like to help make Doomscape grow bigger then it currently is and have a better community I have good reputation from many players that I talked with and they like talking with me or ask me how to do something and I answer in a fine manner I also give great ideas for doom to add when he asks or out of the blue sometimes.

List my 5 Strengths: I try to be at my best and outgoing, help when needed play my best at my role and help anyone needed keep a good rep listen to what others have to say and take it into consideration of there ideas or overall what may need fixing, also have great knowledge of the game been playing for quite some time to know quite a bit of things.

What are your goals of being staff: My goal is to get more players help the community grow and have a bigger community have the minor bugs fixed that players could abuse and help Doom with any small coding if he needs it and be a great mod as my role help anyone when they need it I barley afk so I am always around when needed and help out new players or help people that already been playing with items that may be useful as a surprise gift. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you again doom for everything you helped fix for me I appreciate it.

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First of all, i would like to say you're the best! I always see you around the server helping out the new players and guiding them, showing them where mostly everything is! Doom would be lucky to have you on their team! support!

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