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Waffels Staff application

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In game name: Waffels
Position Desired: Anything that is open and that I can help with, i've been in just about every staff position
Age: 24
Timezone: Eastern
How long have you played DoomScape? Well I joined well over a year ago, and just recently came back and was very happy to see the community still thriving like I remember it, and it made me incredibly happy to see and makes me want to help out.
Have  you ever been punished on DoomScape? Yes I have, I do not remember the circumstances but I had my account banned, I have since returned and managed to get unbanned and want to continue where I left at and help the server.
Talk about your previous experience of being staff on private servers: Well I've held just about every staff position from support to Admin on a multitude of other servers, from RS to other games as well, I have maintained communities and helped just about every played that needs it, I'm continuously trying to help others in any way possible and want to continue that and growing the served as much as possible.
List 5 of your strengths: I think 5 of my main strengths are my understanding, my ability to listen, my desire to help, my knowledge of the game, as well as knowledge of how to help people in various ways.
What are you goals as staff? My Goals as staff are just to help others, if theirs an issue I want to be able to help resolve it, as well as help new players and even returning players to get back into this game that I've known for a long time and thoroughly enjoy.

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