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Meows First Ironman Progress

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Hello Im Meow this is my first ironman account and i hope to have fun trying to max everything myself i will posting progress and plans here Feel free to give potential tips.


Day 1: It took me 5 hours to get level 99 agility i always do agility first because it solves run issues and shortcuts.

Day 2: Ive started to leveling minning and smithing to help me get some ok starter armor and also other stuff like arrow tips .

Day3: So after minning around 3k coal i find out i dont need coal so weeeeeee the smithing  grind continues i plan to do some fishing and cooking after.

I plan to start getting into farming just need to find a way to get seeds maybe pickpocketing the master farmer to 99 thieving but then i wont be stealing from a gem stall for gems 

for crafting.


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