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Staff Update Post

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Dear community,

Bringing you the latest staff update thread:


Dev Luckofcosmos
- Develops unique content weekly for the server! Made Omega and Skilling Tasks so far

Mod Fox
- Wiki Editor, Active Moderator, Helps out a lot with ideas and bug testing

Helper Jack Savage
- Will be stepping up by taking on some additional responsibilities

Admin Jammin Clam:
- Demoted from Administrator to Moderator

Helper Raydark 
- Demoted from Helper

Mod Robby
- Demoted from Moderator 

Helper Mr Virus
- Demoted from Helper

Here at DoomScape we try to ensure that we only have the best of the best on our staff team, hence the demotions. As the person managing this server my job is to ensure that we always have the right people to assist the player base in a professional and timely fashion.

Helper applications are now open again. Looking for staff in USA and European timezone.

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