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begginers guide & low hit point's dharok's at barrows

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Welcome to Nbaflyboy's low hit point's dharok's at barrows ;

Step 1 : Get some gear and train you combat stats before going to ::barrows

Step 2 : Make sure you got prayer level of at least 50. so you can prayer melee range or mage depending what barrows brother you choose to fight.

Step 3 Step 5 : Also make sure you have super restore pots to restore your prayer level as you go along and have super attack and strength pots to boost your strength and attack levels for high hits.

Step 4 : Get 10 kills to loot barrows chest.

Step 5 : Keep killing barrows brothers till you get full Dharok's armor and then use it with low hit points, and super pots .

Step 6 : High level alchemy  your barrows items for fast and simple cash. Can make a lot of money in the process of this guide.

Well here is my guide hope it is helpful and useful to new comers of Doom Scape.!

-- Nbaflyboy --


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