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Jackie Chan

11th July 2018 - LAST MAN STANDING

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Today the Last Man Standing shop recieved a major rework.

It is located at:


All levels and equipment is provided, fair PVP Minigame.



To highlight the gravity of the rewards, allow me to share some of the stats of the high-tier items: as well as their appearance.

Starting off strong, here is the Abyssal Dagger! Complete with a working special attack, and a fearsome appearance.


If you're not looking for a weapon, perhaps the Twisted Buckler will be more to your tastes! An amazing offensive shield for ranged.


Combat not your thing? How about one of these beautiful Duelist Caps:


Best of Luck,



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Awesome rewards! 

We are kicking off today with huge events so make sure you are online to get your shiny new rewards!

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