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Jackie Chan

Bosses Drop Table Changes - 09/09/2018

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Monday 09th July 2018 - DoomScape Update Log

I hope that you've enjoyed the recent events! Many thanks to Kasoy, Factor and Retroteddy!😎
Today we're pleased to be releasing updates towards making PvM in DoomScape more of a fun and balanced experience:


We've more than halved the respawn timer of Strkyewyrms- If anybody had done these prior to this update, then they'd understand the pain of waiting around for them to respawn... No more!

We've more than halved the respawn timer of Revenant Dragons, and added some very special and entirely worth their time drops. You'll have to kill them to find out.
Revenant Dragons are a benefit of being a donator!πŸ˜‹

-Huge boss drop table overhaul, we've went through the entirety of all the bosses in-game (EXCEPT JAD AND CERBERUSπŸ€ͺ) and made some major changes to their drop tables to make them more worthwhile.

An example of such changes is Nex, now dropping Chaotic Crossbow and Staff, and Nomad also dropping Arcane Stream Necklace!

To find out more, delve into ::drops in-game.


As an added bonus, the untradeable bug that has dwelled far too long has now been addressed also: There should be no more issues to picking up Lamps, Effigies, Pets from monsters, orΒ  untradeables that belong to you that you have dropped.


If you come across any bugs or errors, please contact staff immediately. Any abuse will not be tolerated.

Good luck, and have fun!😁

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