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what gives?

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i've been here shortly over a month now.... when i started it was pretty sweet. lots of people, very enjoyable. these last 3 weeks though... people quitting hand over fist? rarely getting new players.... why? i know people are donating left and right like its candy, is there any advertising? i'm not trying to back doom or staff, but why has so much money been sunk into the server and it's still going downhill beyond rapidly? ever since the last update with stats boosting up to 120 vs 99, a LOT of people have been complaining about it, the eco has suffered since NOBODY really buys\sells\trades anymore now. I know i speak for quite a few people by saying what gives guys? the server activity lately has been in the crapper so to speak.... it sucks. alot of us used to THOROUGHLY enjoy playing. now its just to get on and chat with old friends,not really play the server anymore sadly. seems like majority of the time ppl just leave accounts online afk. i mean heck, one guy logged in(legit player, wont bring his name into it) went and yelled that he was dropping 10b, and out of the 17 players online, not ONE showed up? is anything being done to try to boost the playerbase at all? 

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also, what will it take to GET more players dedicated? bring DoomScape back to life and everything? I've been away from RSPS for almost 2 years and this is the first rsps after returnin 2 months ago that i've dedicated myself to playing each day and trying to help ingame and ect. but no matter what any of us ingame do, always seems people dont wanna stick around. main complaint has been the max level update from 99 to 120. can that be reverted? can there be a poll created to take the players' opinions on what should be changed to make people happy and WANT to bring other people in and WANT to stay? i'd guess to say roughly 65-75% of new players that join, play for maybe 3-5 days then leave. I'm not trying to bash on anybody, I'm just trying to brainstorm some idea to bring this back to life. I truly enjoy DoomScape.

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I totally understand your concern. But I don't think you should worry too much. People come and go and the server is still gaining players. I think we should just be patient and eventually the server activity will be as it was (or even better).

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Its simple economics buddy. supply and demand is what rsps is all about. Unfortunately the supply of rsps's outweigh the demand of players therefore competition is our biggest threat. With our server being as buggy as it is. As well as the economy struggling due to the imbalance of drops and individuals selling items, we are on the bottom of the food-chain when it comes to rsps, we need to get together, brainstorm, and bring something new to this rsps that no one has ever seen before. That is how we increase our player base.

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Legend has a very good point.

Why hasn't there been any polls made by the Developer and why are user polls being locked?

The competitive advantage of private servers is that they can be fan-driven.

But I'm not seeing any of that here; This seems to be more corporate-drivenーa side hustle to get passive cash.

There should be more outreach. More polls, semi-open-source development, emails to inform Players of new content so they can drop in and say hi.

Currently, this server has next to no quests. Other than quests, what's here to keep Players invested in the game world?

What's there to keep us here passively engaged outside of 1-time PvP/Boss? What economy?


I want to emphasize that I want to see Doomscape succeed. The quality of life is amazing. I especially like the hourly events and their Discord notification.


Is it possible for Players to suggest features, have certain ones approved by admin and have those crowd-funded? A Feature Crowd-funding System?

(funded features must be open-sourced on completion)

ex: (patreon) https://sessionbuddy.com/dev-status/ 

ex: (public QA) https://trello.com/b/eLEWpq3P/subnautica-playtesting

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