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  1. E.Brown

    what gives?

    Legend has a very good point. Why hasn't there been any polls made by the Developer and why are user polls being locked? The competitive advantage of private servers is that they can be fan-driven. But I'm not seeing any of that here; This seems to be more corporate-drivenーa side hustle to get passive cash. There should be more outreach. More polls, semi-open-source development, emails to inform Players of new content so they can drop in and say hi. Currently, this server has next to no quests. Other than quests, what's here to keep Players invested in the game world? What's there to keep us here passively engaged outside of 1-time PvP/Boss? What economy? I want to emphasize that I want to see Doomscape succeed. The quality of life is amazing. I especially like the hourly events and their Discord notification. Is it possible for Players to suggest features, have certain ones approved by admin and have those crowd-funded? A Feature Crowd-funding System? (funded features must be open-sourced on completion) ex: (patreon) https://sessionbuddy.com/dev-status/ ex: (public QA) https://trello.com/b/eLEWpq3P/subnautica-playtesting