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  1. gangmember


    hey I haven't heard from any mods yet can you guys please unmute me ive been wanting to talk for days now and im sorry guys I just want to have fun with no trouble please guys it would be appreciated...would hate to quit this game cuz I love it thanks
  2. gangmember


    i'm very sorry for all mods and doomscape members. I was rude and didn't have any self control. I am sorry to everyone for my toxicity to the game it wasn't fair or right do that to anyone evn if they don't treat you right.Your best option would just be tell a mod report but don't say anything rude back. I really enjoy this game and would love to be back up and playing it. im sorry for wasting everyones time it wont happen again or you guys can jus flat out ban me. this wont happen again I PROMISE...thanks and sorry again!