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Mr Virus

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  1. Mr Virus

    Jack Savage's Progress Thread

    Not even a max cash stack, You let me down. Sikeeee, impressive loot tab, Keep it up! ~ Virus
  2. Mr Virus

    Server updates - 27/07/2018

    Great updates! I'm excited to try out the new skilling area! ~ Virus
  3. Mr Virus

    Hello, pleasure to meet DoomScape Community

    Welcome Hash! Private Servers are great and you picked just the right one! Instead of saving best for last, might as well start off with the best! Feel free to message me in-game if you need any help or just want to talk. IGN : Mr Virus ~ Virus
  4. Mr Virus

    Combining Ovls Update [7/20/18]

    Thanks for the update! Will be very useful
  5. Mr Virus

    PVM Hulk's Helper application.

    Support, Hulk has extensive knowledge about the server, and knows prices and specific information. He's always easy to talk to, and tries his best to help out whenever he can. +1