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  1. Jackie Chan

    Probably the silliest question to be asked..

    @Reece Are you able to elaborate on the username you're trying to use? Have you tried any sort of "mainstream" solutions? Thanks
  2. Jackie Chan

    Cant download client

    Have you ensured your firewall is not blocking connection through the client?
  3. Jackie Chan

    Loot From 500 Ahrim + 50 Chests [updated]

    That's a great update, I'm extremely pleased to see all this data! I'm sure this will help players to make up their mind on what to do.
  4. Jackie Chan

    Introducing myself. (992)

    Nice to meet you Richard You've been extremely helpful thus far in-game not just to myself, but to others as well and I appreciate that Happy to learn more about you My name's Jack if you ever want to chat, just hit me up
  5. Jackie Chan

    Suggestion about making bolts.

    On the same level but to build on his idea, I'd love to see enchanting tipped bolts come into play. Ironmen will nearly always run out of bolts, and it's very tedious to gather more.
  6. Jackie Chan

    Fox's Price Guide!

    @PvM RedThanks for the suggestion, modified the bottom part of the guide
  7. Jackie Chan

    Loot From 500 Ahrim + 50 Chests [updated]

    So you'd expect 6.34B from 1000 Ahrim's, that's not too bad.
  8. Jackie Chan

    Skiller Jw Helper Application

    Thanks for the application @Skiller Jw Not any feedback other than... Very glad to see you applying.
  9. Jackie Chan

    Fox's Price Guide!

    If you have a dispute with any prices; post a reply, message me on discord (Jack#0657), or private message me in-game! Will try my best to keep this updated, but the economy does have a vast amount of variation depending on demand and supply. To search use CTRL+F (Inbuilt browser search feature, then enter the name of the item you want to view) New items will still be added THESE PRICES ARE NOT OFFICIAL PRICING AND ARE PURELY MY SPECULATION & EXPERIENCE Some Boots Old Primordial Boots : 20B-50B Old Pegasian Boots : 20B-40B Old Eternal Boots : 20B-30B Primordial Boots : 2B-3B Pegasian Boots : 1B-2B Eternal Boots : 750M-1.5B Glaiven Boots : 7B-10B Steadfast Boots : 8B-12B Ragefire Boots : 8B-10B Dungeoneering Items (High Tier) Primal Set : 50B-70B Primal Helm(b) : Primal Platebody (b) : Primal Platelegs (b) : Primal Gloves (b) : Primal Boots (b) : Primal 2H Sword(b): 6B-10B **UNBOUND SET DOES NOT GIVE GOD BOOST** Primal Rapier(b)/unbound : 10B-15B Primal Battleaxe(b)/unbound : 10B-20B Primal Longsword(b)/unbound : 15B-25B Primal 2H Sword unbound: 6-8B Primal Unbound Pieces : 2B-4B Primal Kiteshield (b)/ unbound : 15B-25B Sagittarian Set : 40B-60B Sagittarian Shortbow (b) : 6B-9B Sagittarian Shortbow unbound : 4-6B Sagittarian Coif(b) : Sagittarian Body(b) : Sagittarian Chaps : Sagittarian Vambraces : Sagittarian Boots : **UNBOUND SET DOES NOT GIVE GOD BOOST** Celestial Set : 70B-85B Celestial Hood : Celestial Robe Top : Celestial Robe Bottom : Celestial Gloves : Celestial Boots : **BOUND SET DOES NOT GIVE GOD BOOST- USES CHAOTIC STAFF AS SET WEAPON** Chaotic Staff : 1B-2B Chaotic Crossbow : 1B-2.5B Chaotic Rapier : 3B-5B Chaotic Maul : 2B-4B Chaotic Longsword : 2B-3B Eagle-Eye Kiteshield : 1B Mercenary's Gloves : 1B-2B Blood Necklace(b) : 6B-10B Miscelleneous equipment Flame Gloves : 6-10B Dragon Claws : 1B-2B Armadyl Godsword 400M-800M Saradomin Godsword : 350M-500M Bandos Godsword : 150M-200M Zamorak Godsword : 250-300M Elder Maul : 4B-8B TokHaar-Kal : 1.5B-2B Infernal Cape : 2B-3B Abyssal Whip : 50-150M Barrows Gloves : 35-60M Ring of Devotion : 2B-3B Dragon Defender : 75-150M Dragonfire Shield : 75-200M Korasi's Sword : 400M-700M Toxic Blowpipe : 4B-7B Serpentine Helm : 4B-8B Ring of Wealth (i) : 25B-40B Dice Bag : 20B-30B Dragon Bones : 2-3M Amulet of Fury : 40M-70M Berserker Ring : 40M Berserker Ring (i) : 80M Archers' Ring : 50M Archers' Ring (i) : 100M Seers' Ring : 30M Seers' Ring (i) : 60M Bandos Chestplate : 200M-250M Bandos Tassets : 100M-200M Staff of Light : 75M-150M Ring of Vigour : 200-300M Saradomin Sword : 100M-150M Bonecrusher : 75M-100M Slayer Helmet : 1B-2B Full Slayer Helmet : 1.5B-3B Ranger Boots : 80M-120M Corporeal Beast Shields Arcane Spirit Shield : 1B-2B Divine Spirit Shield : 1.75B-2.5B Spectral Spirit Shield : 250M-500M Elysian Spirit Shield : 750M-1.5B Blessed Spirit Shield : 50M-150M Spirit Shield : 10M-30M Ancient Warrior's Equipment Vesta's Chainbody : 2B-2.5B Vesta's Plateskirt : 2B-2.5B Vesta's Longsword : 1.5B-2.5B Vesta's Spear : 1B-2B Corrupt Vesta's Chainbdoy : 2B-2.5B Corrupt Vesta's Plateskirt : 2B-2.5B Corrupt Vesta's Longsword : 1.5B-2.5B Corrupt Vesta's Spear : 1B-2B Statius' Helm : 500M-1B Statius' Platebody : 500M-1B Statius' Platelegs : 500M-1B Statius' Warhammer : 750M-1B Corrupt Statius' Helm : 500M-1B Corrupt Statius' Platebody : 500M-1B Corrupt Statius' Platelegs : 500M-1B Corrupt Statius' Warhammer : 750M-1B Morrigan's Coif : 100M-250M Morrigan's Leather Top : 150M-300M Morrigan's Leather Chaps : 150M-300M Morrigan's Javelin : 1M Morrigan's Throwing Axe : 1M Corrupt Morrigan's Coif : 100M-250M Corrupt Morrigan's Leather Top : 150M-300M Corrupt Morrigan's Leather Chaps : 150M-300M Corrupt Morrigan's Javelin : 1M Corrupt Morrigan's Throwing Axe : 1M Zuriel's Hood : 75M-225M Zuriel's Robe Top : 125M-250M Zuriel's Robe Bottoms : 125M-250M Zuriel's Staff : 150M-200M Corrupt Zuriel's Hood : 75M-225M Corrupt Zuriel's Robe Top : 125M-250M Corrupt Zuriel's Robe Bottoms : 125M-250M Corrupt Zuriel's Staff : 150M-200M Nex Loot Torva Helm : 2B-3B Torva Platebody : 3B-4B Torva Platelegs : 3B-4B Virtus Mask : 1B-2B Virtus Robe Top : 1B-2B Virtus Robe Bottom : 1B-2B Pernix Cowl : 2B-3B Pernix Body : 3B-4B Pernix Chaps : 3B-4B Zaryte Bow : 350M-700M Nomad/Skotizo Crystal of Power : 15B-25B Schematics : 1B-3B Necklace of Anguish : 5-10B Necklace of Anguish (or) : 7-12B Magma Helm : 15B-20B Tanzanite Helm : 15B-20B Void Knight Equipment Void Ranged Helm : 500M-1B Void Melee Helm : 500M-1B Void Mage Helm : 500M-1B Void Knight Deflector : 500M-1B Void Knight Mace : 500M-1B Elite Void Tops : 1B-1.5B Elite Void Bottoms : 1B-1.5B Void Knight Gloves : 500M-1B Void Knight Top : 500M-1B Void Knight Bottom : 500M-1B Third-Age/ 3rd-Age Third-Age Melee Helm : 750M-1.25B Third-Age Melee Platebody : 1B-2B Third-Age Melee Platelegs : 850M-2B Third-Age Mage Hat : 1B-2B Third-Age Mage Robe Top : 750M-2B Third-Age Mage Robe Bottom : 650M-2B Third-Age Ranged Coif : 500M-1B Third-Age Ranged Top : 750M-1B Third-Age Ranged Chaps : 650M-1B Third-Age Ranged Vambraces : 375M-600M Third-Age Druidic Wreath : 10-15B Third-Age Druidic Top : 10B-15B Third-Age Druidic Bottoms : 10-15B Third-Age Druidic Cloak : 400-700M Arcane Blast Necklace : 10M-50M Arcane Pulse Necklace : 200M-400M Arcane Stream Necklace : 2B-5B Barrows - Most people alch this, as it doesn't sell well. Guthan's **Quite useful in PvP and PvM, expect 75M-100M per piece** Dharok's **The most profitable barrows set to sell, expect 75-100M per piece to players** Ahrim's **best set to alch, expect 75-100M per piece to players** Torag's **Bad alch value, relatively useless in PvM still holds PvP Value, expect 50-75M per piece** Verac's **Bad alch value, more useful than Torag's in PvM, moderate PvP value, expect 75-100M per piece** Karil's **Only useful in PvP, where you should expect 50-75M per piece** **These prices below are based on store value: since the items below are rares** - I WAS UNSURE ON THE ITEMS BELOW, THESE PRICES ARE NOT IN ANY WAY ACCURATE AS ABOVE. - - I WILL UPDATE WHEN POSSIBLE. FOR THE TIME BEING, EXPECT 10-30B PER PARTYHAT. - **I have also grouped rare item varients from wheel here, those are the prices I've seen them go for** Rares Rainbow Partyhat : 30B-45B Black Partyhat : 30B-50B White Partyhat : 40.5B-65B Red Partyhat : 13B-20B Blue Partyhat : 21B-32B Green Partyhat : 24B-35B Yellow Partyhat : 25.75B-42.5B Purple Partyhat : 32.5B-50B Wise Old Man's Hat : 17.5B-27.5B Black Santa Hat : 20B-30B Santa Hat : 12.5B-17.5B Black H'ween Mask : 10B-20B Red H'ween Mask : 20B-25B Blue H'ween Mask : 15B-20B Green H'ween Mask : 10B-15B Sled : 20B-35B Crate with Zanik : 15B-30B Ankou Mask : 10B-15B Ankou Top : 11B-17.5B Ankou Leggings : 9.75B-15B Ankou Gloves : 9.75B-15B Ankou Socks : 8B-12.5B Antisanta Mask : 9.75B Antisanta Top : 8B-12.5B Antisanta Pantaloons : 6.5B-10B Antisanta Gloves : 6.5B-10B Antisanta Socks : 6.5B-10B Scythe : 2B-3B Gnome Scarf : 2.5-5B Mystery Boxes : 50M-250M Donator Scrolls Donator Scrolls are another item that you should look at the store price for: It's possible, when people buy larger scrolls they may try and sell them for less (Because it's harder to move a larger amount) with this in mind you can expect to spend/pay: 500M-1B/$ And as always, remember to negotiate!
  10. Jackie Chan

    Skilling Tasks - Finally a way to make money Skilling

    Ahh that's unfortunate. It just goes to show how good things come to those patient enough to wait. 😜 At least you've got it done!
  11. Jackie Chan

    My Skotizo Setup

    My Personal Skitizo Setup Why should you do Skotizo? Skotizo is incredible loot. Entirely safe & rudimentarilly simple. Once you get the hang of it you'll be a billionaire. Bare in mind that Skotizo is a group boss, and I recommend no less than a team of 7. Loot is randomly split amongst 3 players, with a fourth extra loot roll for doing the most damage that kill. To find out more about the potential drops of Skotizo, type the command below into public chat in-game: How do I get to Skotizo? Simply type the command below into public chat in-game, join your team's select clan chat (One of you must be leader, and then the leader clicks the altar to begin): Gear My setup is a Ranged one, you do excellent Solo DPS and will win a lot of DPS loots if you use a Mini with equal gear. Void Ranged Helm Necklace of Anguish (or) Max Cape Elite Void Knight Top Elite Void Knight Robe Pegasian Boots (Old- Dropped by Warrior of DoomScape) Void Knight Gloves Ring of Wealth (i) Ring of Vigour Ring Of Devotion Sagittarian Shortbow (b) Toxic Blowpipe I also use a Mini Me Familiar with equivalent gear: Various pieces of gear could be downgraded, on a tighter budget I would recommend: 1, 4, 5, 1: Void > Pernix > Armadyl 2: Necklace of Anguish (or) / Necklace of Anguish > Amulet Of Ranging > Amulet Of Fury 3: Max Cape > Ava's Accumulator 6: Old Pegasian Boots > New Pegasian Boots > Ranger Boots 8: Ring of Wealth (i) > Ring of Wealth 10: Ring of Devotion > Archers Ring (i) > Archers Ring 11: Sagittarian Shortbow (b) > Chaotic Crossbow > Zaryte Bow 7: Flame Gloves>Barrows Gloves, if NOT using Void Inventory In your inventory, you should have Ring of Wealth (i), Ring of Vigour & Toxic Blowpipe. Blowpipe is the number 1 DPS weapon for ranged, followed by Sagittarian Shortbow (b). The reason I carry an alternate weapon is to not waste my money by using Scales in masses, Sagittarian Shortbow (b)(4) does a great job. Ring of Vigour (3) saves 5% of your Special Attack Energy when using Blowpipe(4)'s Special to heal yourself for 600 (At 120 HP), this can overheal to 1800 at the start of a kill and negates Overload (1) damage. Noted Cooked Sharks(6) for feeding Mini Me, Rocktails are quite expensive for them. Overload - Stat Boosting Potion: The recipe is a reward from Nein Lives (Quest) and requires completion to be crafted. Ring of Wealth (i): As above. Ring of Vigour: As above. Toxic Blowpipe / Sagittarian Shortbow (b): Respectively. Super Restore (4): To restore Prayer / Stats if necessary. Cooked Sharks (Noted): Feeding Mini Me Rocktails: Lots of these will be needed as Food. Following this, you only need to know about what to do during the fight: There are two crucial mechanics, and something to keep in mind. He follows the same overhead chat as Omega, asking if you'd like to eat rocks for breakfast. At this point, you should move away from your current position. You have to stand somewhere nobody else was, or you were. Minis are also hit by rocks. *Should you and any member of your team FAIL to do this, the boss will heal a great amount. Skotizo has a huge damage potential, I've been hit as many times as 5 in a row by his melee attack, which has a potential to do 57 damage. During this point is normally when I use my second Blowpipe spec (and the first is used when I consume a dose of Overload). His Magic attack will hit all players in the area, typically the damage is quite low. Note that if the instance clan chat leader dies, the boss fight will come to an abrupt end.
  12. Donator Benefits As you are probably aware, there are benefits for donating to support DoomScape's development and ongoing running costs- Although, I don't believe it has been documented before this. Our Donator progression ranking tiers are: Regular -> 5-10$ Super -> 11-25$ Extreme -> 26-100$ Ultimate -> 100-250$ Collosal -> 251-499$ Omega -> 500-1000$ Respected -> 1000$+ It will increase automatically as you continue to support DoomScape, the amount depends on your ::donated sum in-game. *Bonus Experience - Active at all times *Bonus Drop Rates - Active at all times Donator PvM - This will be covered in more depth below. (As high as Ultimate) ::yell-color COL- You have access to a command to permanently set your yell color to a different colour to stand out! Faster access to Mini me familiar (Ultimate) A shorter ::yell cool down- This scales with rank! Any items you choose to donate for, as well as 10% of what you donate for back to you in "loyalty" points to spend in our store. Donator skilling areas - Access these through the World Map Icon next to your Minimap! We from the DoomScape Staff team always appreciate your support, no matter the size. We will always thrive to bring you the best content and in-game experience possible. Make sure to contact Staff if there are any problems! Now, let's get more into depth on a couple of benefits: Bonus Experience The bonus experience applied to your account begins as soon as you're a donator, and it is active at all times. Bonus Drop Rates As above, the bonus drop rates are also active at all times. Donator PvM (Player versus Monster) To reach donator PvM type ::dz into your public chat, you will be teleported into our donator area. Feel free to explore! However, the NPC we're looking for is Kuradel who is directly west of the teleport location. Once you find Kuradel, talk to him, you will be given the options for Donator PvM. Dragon Dungeon - This includes Frost Dragons and Revenant Dragons! Jungle Strykewyrms - As the name suggests, several large green worms. Desert Strykewyrms - As above, except this time they're yellow with different drops! Ice Strykewyrms - As above, now they're cyan with even more different drops! Frost Dragons - A duplicate teleport to Dragon Dungeon (We needed a placeholder) Revenant Dragons - Another duplicate teleport to the Dragon Dungeon, same reason as above. Balance Elementals - An incredibly strong boss-type monster: High health, damage output and brilliant drops! If you are curious about their drops, use the ::drops command in-game and then filter appropriately. The Yell Color command Ingame, your yells are set to a rather neutral and boring color, are you bored of seeing that? Now you can change it up, and it will be automatic for all of your future yells also. To do so- Type ::yell-color followed by a color eg. ::yell-color red This will set your yells to always be a bright red! The options with this command go as far as using a hexidecimal colour code to pick an entirely custom colour. Experiment away! Eg. White = FFFFFF This is a benefit of Ultimate Donator+ Mini Me On DoomScape we have a unique familiar called 'Mini Me', it is a familiar version of yourself that you are responsible for levelling, supplying food and ammo, and equipping... Once that is done, he will defend you until you, the enemy, or he dies. There is a cooldown on resummoning him. I will link a very high quality guide to this "Mini Me" familiar: Click here. This is a benefit of Ultimate Donator+ Donating in Store When you choose to donate in store, it is important to remember that you do not need to buy the rank packages. The sum of your total donated in-game must meet the threshholds as above for your rank to be updated, if items are not in your ::donated, try the following solutions: Scroll up the ::donated box. Relog. Ensure purchase was completed. If none of these change your situation, please contact an Administrator. Donator Skilling To access Donator Skilling areas, open your World Map and choose the Donator tab: You will be given six options, all with convenient banks, more high tier resources and a bank, altars, Kuradal and a pool to restore your special energy, hitpoints and stats at all located within close proximity of ::dz.
  13. Jackie Chan

    My Omega Setup

    My Omega Setup I am pretty happy with how consistently I've been killing Omega & getting the loot roll for top DPS. Below I'll cover what I use in my setup, this gear is attainable and realistic for all players and relatively affordable. Omega is located at ::omega, it drops exceptional loot. Good for a small team! Equipment Void melee helm Max cape (can be replaced with Infernal cape/TokHaar-kal) Blood necklace (b) (can be replaced with Amulet of torture/Amulet of fury) Elite void knight top Elite void knight robe (Legs) Void knight gloves Primordial Boots (id. 12710, can be replaced with "New Prims", Primal boots/Steadfast boots) Korasi's sword Vesta's longsword Ring of devotion Ring of wealth Ring of vigour Dragon Defender Divine spirit shield (Optional) Inventory Currently my setup is along the lines of: 5 Saradomin Brew (4) 2 Super Restore (4) Extreme Attack (3) Extreme Strength (3) Coins (Any amount, just so I don't lose any accidentally when dropped to Inventory from monsters.) Ring of vigour Ring of wealth Korasi's sword Divine spirit shield (Optional) Alter the quantities as you see necessary, obviously. Notes The reason that I use void is to have a positive magic bonus, this affects Korasi's sword special attack. It will only hit with a positive magic bonus. The recipe for Extreme attack is : Super Attack (3) + Clean Avantoe The recipe for Extreme strength is : Clean Ranarr + Clean Dwarf Weed Extreme strength recipe is currently a bug, as of 20/08/2018, and will presumably be updated to Super strength, not Ranarr Saradomin brews are panic food for dangerous situations where you are on low health, or emergency food in the occasion that you run out. A last resort. Divine spirit shield is extremely useful for the minions phase, will reduce the risk of dying. Ring of vigour saves 5% special energy each time you special attack, this adds up! Ring of wealth is for switching into at the end, prioritise keeping Ring of devotion on! If you are new, make sure to move to where nobody else (including you) was standing where they were (including you) when he says the phrase: Good luck with your Omega loots! Please Rep if it helped Click vvvvvvv
  14. Jackie Chan

    Skilling Tasks - Finally a way to make money Skilling

    @Skiller Jw I think you'd love this. Weren't you asking for it for a fair while?😀
  15. Jackie Chan

    Skotizo Guide

    Hello! As you're probably already aware, a new boss was added to DoomScape on 19/08/2018: Below I will be covering a basic strategy and recommended gear and inventory setup (note that I'm going fast and not really intending to add pictures). Recommended Inventory and Equipment setup If I were organising my team, I'd expect every person to bring at bare minimum: Mini Familiar > Summoning Familiar (High tier requirement) Equipment: Weapon: Blowpipe > Sagittarian Shortbow > Chaotic Crossbow Armour: Elite Void set > Pernix Gloves: Void > Mercenary's Gloves > Flame Gloves > Barrows Gloves Boots: Old Pegasian Boots > Pegasian Boots > Ranger Boots Amulet: Necklace of Anguish > Necklace of Ranging Ring: Ring of Devotion > Archers Ring (i), or Ring of Wealth - Including imbued varient if possible. Cape: Ava's / Max Cape OR Celestial Set/ God Cape Inventory (**set quantities as you feel fit): Overload > Extreme Potions > Super Potions > Any Potion Saradomin Brews (If Overloaded) > Rocktails > Sharks Super Restore (Not necessary if Overloaded) > Prayer Potions Vengeance Runes (Optional, better Damage) Strategy: The only thing to bare in mind is dodging his rock mechanic, similar to Omega's own rock mechanic. As with Omega, being hit by this will result in the boss healing for a huge amount and most of the time this will lose you any successful kills. Do not fret, it is simple to counter. Once he announces in overhead, it will record your current position (As well as all others within the fight): Simply move out of the spot in which you, and any other players were. You can move back once he has dropped the rocks (You will see a "gray bubbles" looking animation on the spots where you and your team were) and he will continue without healing. This is all you need to know, good luck! Check Skotizo's drops with ::drops ingame and then filtering for Skotizo!