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  1. 0161

    Monk Helper Application

    Ive seen you around a lot and Ive seen you helping. You've also helped me in the past when i was trying to give someone a price check. you do go out your way, keep what your doing up and hopefully you will achieve it. You have my vote. - 0161
  2. 0161

    Nein Lives Guide

    Thank you!!
  3. 0161

    Nein Lives Guide

    Thank you!!
  4. 0161

    Nein Lives Guide

    Thank you!!
  5. 0161

    Nein Lives Guide

    I will hopefully make this the easiest quest of your life. (Please make sure you have all the required Levels:- 96 Herblore, 90 Slayer and 85 Farming) Please follow guide as much as possible as i am to save you as much time as i can. What you are going to need:- 7 Lumbridge Teleports; 70 Credit Points; and Strong Armour (Melee Recommended) Step 1, You are going to want to save yourself some time by buying 1 Lumbridge Teleport from the Mage store (Magic Tutor) located at home under Weapons & Runes. Speed things up do ::Shops Step 2, Use the teleport and go to speak to the Priest of Guthix located standing next to the alter. (You have now started the Quest) You will now see the poor Priest has lost his cat. Step 3, We need to now go and find the Oracle. Your going to start by Teleporting back home and running west to the Snow mountains. somewhere around the red dot you will find her. Step 4, You have to go speak to the Elf Tracker at (XXXXX) Use the Agility teleport (by clicking here) ; Click Barbarian Course Find him *Hes in the course* As you will see hes very rude and a bit annoying, just agree to owe him a favour it is worth it Step 5, the Elf Tracker didn't really make this clear, but you need to now go back to the Ice Mountains and speak to the Oracle. Step 6, Yes i know that was very pointless, now use another Teleport and go back to lumbridge and speak to the priest. Step 7, ((For this step i suggest having a STRONG Armour and a full inventory of fish) What you are about to kill is very strong) You will find a rock that takes you underground in the graveyard. After you have FINALLY killed that beast you are going to want to use another Lumbridge teleport as the stairs do not work. Take the Cats fur back to the priest . Step 8, Back to the Elf Tracker we go (Barbarian Course) Step 9, Back to the the cave in the graveyard we go. Step 10, Now we are going to need to get the Magic potion to get Bob the cat to be able to survive. For this Step we are going to need Magic Secateurs and Antifire (4), you can get these at the Credit Store (::rewards) Teleport to the Agility Course in the wilderness. You are going to want to now find the Vine. (Cut more than one) Step 11, Back to the Oracle (before you go make sure you un-note the anitfire) Step 12, Back to Lumbridge, speak to Bob the Cat. Step 13, Use another Teleport and go back to the Priest. Step 14, Now go back to the Elf Tracker. What he is asking is for us to bring him the ingredients for the potion. Step 15, Click on the Elf Again. Take the potion Talk to Bob CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED THE QUEST. PLEASE DRINK YOUR OVERLOADS SAFELY Please leave any comments if you feel this needs to be edited. I hope this helps. :- 0161