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Jackie Chan

The perks of supporting DoomScape!

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Donator Benefits

As you are probably aware, there are benefits for donating to support DoomScape's development and ongoing running costs- Although, I don't believe it has been documented before this.

Our Donator progression ranking tiers are:

Regular -> 5-10$
Super -> 11-25$
Extreme -> 26-100$
Ultimate -> 100-250$
Collosal -> 251-499$
Omega -> 500-1000$
-> 1000$+

It will increase automatically as you continue to support DoomScape, the amount depends on your ::donated sum in-game.

  1. *Bonus Experience - Active at all times
  2. *Bonus Drop Rates - Active at all times
  3.  Donator PvM - This will be covered in more depth below. (As high as Ultimate)
  4. ::yell-color COL- You have access to a command to permanently set your yell color to a different colour to stand out!
  5. Faster access to Mini me familiar (Ultimate)
  6. A shorter ::yell cool down- This scales with rank!
  7. Any items you choose to donate for, as well as 10% of what you donate for back to you in "loyalty" points to spend in our store.
  8. Donator skilling areas - Access these through the World Map Icon next to your Minimap!

We from the DoomScape Staff team always appreciate your support, no matter the size. We will always thrive to bring you the best content and in-game experience possible. Make sure to contact Staff if there are any problems!

Now, let's get more into depth on a couple of benefits:

Bonus Experience

The bonus experience applied to your account begins as soon as you're a donator, and it is active at all times.

Bonus Drop Rates

As above, the bonus drop rates are also active at all times.

Donator PvM (Player versus Monster)

To reach donator PvM type ::dz into your public chat, you will be teleported into our donator area. Feel free to explore! However, the NPC we're looking for is Kuradel who is directly west of the teleport location.

Once you find Kuradel, talk to him, you will be given the options for Donator PvM.

  1. Dragon Dungeon - This includes Frost Dragons and Revenant Dragons!
  2. Jungle Strykewyrms - As the name suggests, several large green worms.
  3. Desert Strykewyrms - As above, except this time they're yellow with different drops!
  4. Ice Strykewyrms - As above, now they're cyan with even more different drops!
  5. Frost Dragons - A duplicate teleport to Dragon Dungeon (We needed a placeholder)
  6. Revenant Dragons - Another duplicate teleport to the Dragon Dungeon, same reason as above.
  7. Balance Elementals - An incredibly strong boss-type monster: High health, damage output and brilliant drops!

If you are curious about their drops, use the ::drops command in-game and then filter appropriately.

The Yell Color command

Ingame, your yells are set to a rather neutral and boring color, are you bored of seeing that? Now you can change it up, and it will be automatic for all of your future yells also.
To do so- Type ::yell-color followed by a color eg. ::yell-color red

This will set your yells to always be a bright red!

The options with this command go as far as using a hexidecimal colour code to pick an entirely custom colour. Experiment away! Eg. White = FFFFFF

This is a benefit of Ultimate Donator+

Mini Me

On DoomScape we have a unique familiar called 'Mini Me', it is a familiar version of yourself that you are responsible for levelling, supplying food and ammo, and equipping... Once that is done, he will defend you until you, the enemy, or he dies. There is a cooldown on resummoning him.

I will link a very high quality guide to this "Mini Me" familiar:  Click here.

This is a benefit of Ultimate Donator+

Donating in Store

When you choose to donate in store, it is important to remember that you do not need to buy the rank packages. The sum of your total donated in-game must meet the threshholds as above for your rank to be updated, if items are not in your ::donated, try the following solutions:

  1. Scroll up the ::donated box.
  2. Relog.
  3. Ensure purchase was completed.

If none of these change your situation, please contact an Administrator.

Donator Skilling

To access Donator Skilling areas, open your World Map and choose the Donator tab: You will be given six options, all with convenient banks, more high tier resources and a bank, altars, Kuradal and a pool to restore your special energy, hitpoints and stats at all located within close proximity of ::dz.

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