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    • The In-game free spins is currently not coded however hold onto, I might make a way to claim them soon.
    • Good afternoon, i need your help Doom. I've voted today and got a free chest, when i come to open it i've 2 free spins, but it don't work and i got nothing can you do something? I hope to receive my reward because from my point of view it makes no sense for me to lose the prize. I got it in my inventory anyway.   Thank you, and waitting for your answer.  
    • So earlier today I was trying to buy a sag set (b) and the player "atx" told me he will sell me the set no boots or body, when he showed the set I asked about the bow which he said the set doesn't come with bow. https://gyazo.com/839a74d52ab7bcba4dfef45b30196800 . Now I understand that some of it is my fault for A) not knowing there is a regular set and a (b) set and B) trusting him. Ive been paying for 5 days now counting today and I think its wrong how someone who played for so long and so high rank is scamming new people by lying and deceiving. My in game name is HighIsFly and I want to try to talk to a staff member in more detail about this thank you.
    • so the first thing i did on this server was go for 99 agility during this course i got 830 agaility tickets and i noticed the shop you spend these is is purely cosmetic item so i was gonna suggest if possible  could shops offering cosmetic items be made accessible to ironman accounts  P.S. So wanted the ring master top and bot for \0/
    • Hello Im Meow this is my first ironman account and i hope to have fun trying to max everything myself i will posting progress and plans here Feel free to give potential tips.   Day 1: It took me 5 hours to get level 99 agility i always do agility first because it solves run issues and shortcuts. Day 2: Ive started to leveling minning and smithing to help me get some ok starter armor and also other stuff like arrow tips . Day3: So after minning around 3k coal i find out i dont need coal so weeeeeee the smithing  grind continues i plan to do some fishing and cooking after. I plan to start getting into farming just need to find a way to get seeds maybe pickpocketing the master farmer to 99 thieving but then i wont be stealing from a gem stall for gems  for crafting.  
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