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  4. I am also a business owner and have tried out literally hundreds of marketing approaches. I believe that facebook ads management is one of the best methods that have given me a boost in the sales. If you too wish to get more number of visitors to your blog then I would suggest this method to you as well.
  5. in game name is duminn0rf
  6. give me my 10b off dumminorf's acc ultimate I staked and clearly wont the 10k nuggs stake each here is the pic and check my pk points I have 0 history deffo at duel lol......
  7. in game name: life thief position desired: admin ofc age: 26 time zone: London gmt uk time played: 40 hours punishments: none at all. previous experience: I ran a small based server as a co host and I had a lot of coding to do for it, it went pretty well, I was a good enforcer of rules also. (check my report a player topic 21.11.19) stengths: fast typer, good knowledge of coding, always fair, always low temper, good reader, very knowledgeable in everything, a lot of funds (I make 1000 pounds a day sat at home) could keep server running . purpose: to make a better server all around and to make friends doing it # hire life thief.
  8. life thief

    kingofplays real world trading

    this guy asked if I play rs3 I said yes and he said hed swap his stuff for 60m he needs for nox scythe ofc I didn't rise to it and have now made a report heres the pic
  9. E.Brown

    what gives?

    Legend has a very good point. Why hasn't there been any polls made by the Developer and why are user polls being locked? The competitive advantage of private servers is that they can be fan-driven. But I'm not seeing any of that here; This seems to be more corporate-drivenーa side hustle to get passive cash. There should be more outreach. More polls, semi-open-source development, emails to inform Players of new content so they can drop in and say hi. Currently, this server has next to no quests. Other than quests, what's here to keep Players invested in the game world? What's there to keep us here passively engaged outside of 1-time PvP/Boss? What economy? I want to emphasize that I want to see Doomscape succeed. The quality of life is amazing. I especially like the hourly events and their Discord notification. Is it possible for Players to suggest features, have certain ones approved by admin and have those crowd-funded? A Feature Crowd-funding System? (funded features must be open-sourced on completion) ex: (patreon) https://sessionbuddy.com/dev-status/ ex: (public QA) https://trello.com/b/eLEWpq3P/subnautica-playtesting
  10. coca cola

    A journey by coca cola

    In game name: Coca cola Desired position: Moderator Age: 19 Time zone: Central Time played: I've played 80 +hours total punished: Never Strengths: 1. Im very outgoing 2: I love talking to people. 3. Im a great helper. 4. Im very quick to learn 5. Im not afraid to ask for help. Goals: I hope to better and expand the doom community and better all the players and staff alike :) as well as having a tight knit group of friends.
  11. Frip Dragoon

    Receiving Rare Pet Drops Skilling

    thanks brosky...appreciate the help:) just trying to collect everything I can get my hands on:)
  12. Brosky

    Receiving Rare Pet Drops Skilling

    do ::restorepets. it'll give you all the skilling pets you have received in the past
  13. eldest one

    Mrsreighin Staff Application

    First of all, i would like to say you're the best! I always see you around the server helping out the new players and guiding them, showing them where mostly everything is! Doom would be lucky to have you on their team! support!
  14. Frip Dragoon

    Receiving Rare Pet Drops Skilling

    hey everyone:) I've been doing farming for the past two weeks and finally got the pet, but it said my inventory was full, so it was dropped on the ground. I looked at my feet frantically but with no luck did I find any pet.:/ If this has happened to anyone else, or if there is a command you can type in to reclaim all of your skilling pets please let me know. As always, F. Dragoon ;)
  15. In game name: Mrsreighin. Position desired: Mod. Age: 43. Time Zone: Mountain Time zone. Time Played: 1 Month. Have you ever been punished in Doomscape: No. Talk about your previous experience of being staff on servers: I played the The owner and admin role and was very good and everyone liked having me around as I always helped give items free even if there worth a lot helped with minor coding before I played the mod role on a very big server and everyone liked having me around I help at my best help with bug issues or stuff that would help benefit players the minor bugs and try at my best to be one 7+ hours a day I do my best at any role I am given and would like to help make Doomscape grow bigger then it currently is and have a better community I have good reputation from many players that I talked with and they like talking with me or ask me how to do something and I answer in a fine manner I also give great ideas for doom to add when he asks or out of the blue sometimes. List my 5 Strengths: I try to be at my best and outgoing, help when needed play my best at my role and help anyone needed keep a good rep listen to what others have to say and take it into consideration of there ideas or overall what may need fixing, also have great knowledge of the game been playing for quite some time to know quite a bit of things. What are your goals of being staff: My goal is to get more players help the community grow and have a bigger community have the minor bugs fixed that players could abuse and help Doom with any small coding if he needs it and be a great mod as my role help anyone when they need it I barley afk so I am always around when needed and help out new players or help people that already been playing with items that may be useful as a surprise gift. Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you again doom for everything you helped fix for me I appreciate it.
  16. In game name: Waffels Position Desired: Anything that is open and that I can help with, i've been in just about every staff position Age: 24 Timezone: Eastern How long have you played DoomScape? Well I joined well over a year ago, and just recently came back and was very happy to see the community still thriving like I remember it, and it made me incredibly happy to see and makes me want to help out. Have you ever been punished on DoomScape? Yes I have, I do not remember the circumstances but I had my account banned, I have since returned and managed to get unbanned and want to continue where I left at and help the server. Talk about your previous experience of being staff on private servers: Well I've held just about every staff position from support to Admin on a multitude of other servers, from RS to other games as well, I have maintained communities and helped just about every played that needs it, I'm continuously trying to help others in any way possible and want to continue that and growing the served as much as possible. List 5 of your strengths: I think 5 of my main strengths are my understanding, my ability to listen, my desire to help, my knowledge of the game, as well as knowledge of how to help people in various ways. What are you goals as staff? My Goals as staff are just to help others, if theirs an issue I want to be able to help resolve it, as well as help new players and even returning players to get back into this game that I've known for a long time and thoroughly enjoy.
  17. Badasspur


    This is badasspur. YouTuber I'm wish to become mod. I play everyday. I'll keep everyone in check. I fallow the rules an I'm very liked on game. I don't star anyone wrong an I'm upfront an blunt. Please give me a chance I won't let you down thank you! Please take this app in consideration☺️
  18. Staff Applications are open to apply please submit a thread using the provided format. Fill out all sections and be as detailed as possible. In game name: Position Desired: Age: Timezone: How long have you played DoomScape? Have you ever been punished on DoomScape? Talk about your previous experience of being staff on private servers: List 5 of your strengths: What are you goals as staff? Click here to submit your staff application Good luck with your application!
  19. pray mi

    Mr Doom I cant Speak On Nobody But Me

    Pathetic, wish I had known this before I donated.
  20. Xerzullo

    Mr Doom I cant Speak On Nobody But Me

    Pray, you'd have better luck talking to a brick wall then getting an answer, i've tried talking to him multiple times regarding my account, yet he ignores all messages P.S - Don't count on getting unbanned, the owner seems to punish victims.
  21. Sydney

    Hello :)

    Hello everyone, I'm still relatively new to the game and I would just like to introduce myself to everyone! ~Sydney
  22. pray mi

    Mr Doom I cant Speak On Nobody But Me

    Doom it has been a while is my account ever going to be unbanned? I did nothing wrong.
  23. Im currently stuck at mage arena. I did the arena once, then went to fight boss again and no boss appeared. The lever to the north doesnt teleport me out and there is no way to escape. Dont really want to lose all my mage gear, but cant kill myself anyway. Any advice? Cheers
  24. DumiNN0rf

    Mr. Doom i need help

    Ok thanks for your time. Take care.
  25. Doom

    Mr. Doom i need help

    The In-game free spins is currently not coded however hold onto, I might make a way to claim them soon.
  26. DumiNN0rf

    Mr. Doom i need help

    Good afternoon, i need your help Doom. I've voted today and got a free chest, when i come to open it i've 2 free spins, but it don't work and i got nothing can you do something? I hope to receive my reward because from my point of view it makes no sense for me to lose the prize. I got it in my inventory anyway. Thank you, and waitting for your answer.
  27. HighIsFly

    Sag Set scam

    So earlier today I was trying to buy a sag set (b) and the player "atx" told me he will sell me the set no boots or body, when he showed the set I asked about the bow which he said the set doesn't come with bow. https://gyazo.com/839a74d52ab7bcba4dfef45b30196800 . Now I understand that some of it is my fault for A) not knowing there is a regular set and a (b) set and B) trusting him. Ive been paying for 5 days now counting today and I think its wrong how someone who played for so long and so high rank is scamming new people by lying and deceiving. My in game name is HighIsFly and I want to try to talk to a staff member in more detail about this thank you.
  28. Themeowmeow

    Ironman suggestions

    so the first thing i did on this server was go for 99 agility during this course i got 830 agaility tickets and i noticed the shop you spend these is is purely cosmetic item so i was gonna suggest if possible could shops offering cosmetic items be made accessible to ironman accounts P.S. So wanted the ring master top and bot for \0/
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